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Some people have sex and that’s okay

Some people don’t have sex and that’s also okay

but what’s NOT okay is putting fucking ketchup in your god damn mac and cheese

I say Fuck your logic. I eat ketchup on whatever the Fuck i want. (:

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I desperately need mental health help but i can not go to a doctor because i can’t get insurance. I have dangerously suicidal thoughts ant i suffer from severe depression. I don’t know what to do. I broke my remote by slamming it against my head multiple times. i need help please….



why can’t i lose weight while I sleep, then I could live my dream of eating, sleeping and never getting fat

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my mom has this

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{{this i wrote a long time ago. i know there are a lot of mistakes, but i really wanted to post it, so here it is.}}

I’m Jenna Anne Chenell and this is my story on how I met they guy of my dreams, and then lost him. Okay, I’ll admit, when put infront of a really good looking guy, skater, not jock, I let all of my charming qualities go to work. Of course there’s the fact that I’m smart. Then I’m also beautiful. Not the, “Ha, I’m WAY more beautiful than you” but the average “I’m a skater-slash-emo and I want you to know it” type of beautiful.
I’m not conceited or anything, but I know I’m good at some of the things I do. I love singing, and skateboarding. I’m not even the whore type. I’m really good. I actually, am not doing any drugs, and all that. Well, so far anyway, but that’s not what I’m telling everyone about. Anyone who reads this, don’t you dare go off saying I’m some kind of slut, because I’m definitely NOT!
I have long black hair, and my eyes are a very emerald type green. Guys cant resist them for some reason. I’m about five feet tall and four inches, and that’s just on my bare feet. I like to wear high heeled black boots with lacing or ribbons. So, when your looking at me, I’m usually about five foot eight or nine. But hey, I like tall guys. They always have the best kissing tequniques.
Okay, I’m a sucker for a good kisser. I cant help it. Guys who slobber are just gross. They get slobber all over your face and clothes, and you always want to down about five cups of mouthwash afterwards. I know from experience. It’s just utterly disgusting. Oh, did I mention, that I’m a bit psycho? Yep, I said PSYCHO. I’m not afraid to admit it. I’m a bit of a pyromaniac to. I cant resist fire.
Anyway, back to my story. So, I usually hang out in one of my five favorite places. The movies, where you can see many movies, from all the classics, to today’s newest movies. I call it the Old-slash-new movie theater. It’s one of the best places to hang out. I also like hanging out at the Skate Park. I mean come on. What kid, doesn’t love skateboarding. Especially in this park! I mean, seriously.
Some of the GREATS have skated here. Just last week, the Element skate crew were here, showing off. Did I mention I live in California? Yes, California. But everyone thinks it’s all glamour and glitz. It’s not. There are serious problems here too, you know. I mean, my best friend has some serious Emo issues. Her parents just recently split up, and she’s been all depressed and shit.
She has cutting issues too, but I help her through them. Just last week, when she tried to use her shaving blade, yes shaving blade, I could have slapped her silly. But I didn’t. I just hid anything she could use to hurt herself with, including all her parents pills and chemicals and junk. I wouldn’t let her drink anything out of a glass bottle or cup, or aluminum can for that matter.
She was on the warpath for four hours because I wouldn’t let her ‘release the pain physically.’ Come on, do I seem like an idiot, sheesh. Anyway, another place I like to hang out at is the mall. Yea, the mall, just like any other teenager. But not to shop for all that stupid pink shit girls these days buy. I go into stores like Pacsun and Hot Topic. And I also shop for books. I am a reader, I’ll admit it.
I’d have to say, my most favorite book is IT by Stephen King. It was phenomenal. Plus the movie was good too. But back on topic. I also like to hang out at the local Skating Rink. Yes, I skate around to dorky songs like Hokey Poky and Ten Little Monkeys. I like that song anyway. Ten little monkeys, jumping on the bed, one jumps off and breaks his head, whoops, the doctor says it’s dead. Or, I think that’s how it goes.
The last place I like to hang out, is a place every teenage girl dreams of meeting the PERFECT TV star hottie. Laguna Beach. And I mean the actual BEACH. Not the type of things you see on that stupid show. The beach is very nice and clean. It’s got sand that is REALLY white, and the water is the perfect temperature. Not cold like New York. I’ve been to New York before too. Very cold in December.
The whole story starts when I’m hanging out with my closest friends. Okay, my only friends. People tend to ignore me, because…well, I’m not the average girl. I treat preps like shit, and Jocks as though they were nerds. I can be quite the bitch if need be. And I’m quite violent. I’ve been into a few fights. I can take care of myself, even though I have a tough father, and tough older brother for that.
Oh, I haven’t told you about my family. well, there’s me, Jenna, I’m 16. And then there’s my brother Edward, or Eddie the Teddy Bear as I call him. He’s 19. Then there’s my father, who is almost 43 years old. He’s got grayish-blond hair, and has all his teeth. Then there’s Mom. Dear, sweet, Valley girl Mom. She scares me sometimes. She’s 32 going on 15. That’s totally not cool.
Then again, none of my family is cool. Except me. They all three have really light blonde hair, but I dyed mine black. My parents HATE it. But it’s my choice. Back to my story. Me and my friends were hanging out on the beach, making fun of all the dorky, preppy girls, flouncing around in the pink string bikinis and wearing there perfectly curly, or perfectly straight hair up in these perfect little ponytails.
I’m going to tell you about my friends before I go any further. They take a big part in my story. There’s Jessica String, or Jess The Mess as we call her. She’s my best friend, that’s female. She just turned sixteen last week. She has bleach blonde hair, with red tips. She’s shorter than me. About five foot, but she’s perfectly shaped. Next is James Morrow, or Ducky as I call him. He has short spiked hair, and it’s orange.
Like a rubber duck’s beak, hence the nickname Ducky. Then there’s April James. I call her Mouse. Ha! She’s a trip! She has this really curly, frizzy brown hair, like you would see on geeks, but she makes it look good. She has a small nose, and mouse-like eyes. Then, last, but ESPECIALLY not least, my best friend in the entire world, Jake Jackson. Jake is the best.
He has shoulder length straight black hair that I could just die over. He has gorgeous green eyes, like me. He also has the best six pack I have ever seen. I like to poke it. and he’s really tough. I know what your thinking, why don’t I just date him? He seems perfect for me right? But there’s one problem, he’s absolutely, positively flaming gay. Yes, he likes guys. But that’s okay.
Whenever he seriously feels down, he invites me over o his house, and we sort of kiss and make out. You probably think he’s bisexual with kissing me and all right? Wrong. He doesn’t even get a hard-on. He doesn’t even whisper my name. It’s just kiss and watch a movie, and then leave. That’s it. Of coarse we say I love you all the time, but it’s strictly friends. He’s wonderful though.
Back to the story. So there we were all in a row, Jess The Mess, Mouse, Ducky, Jake, and me. We almost fell over laughing as a not-so-skinny girl walked onto the beach in a thong bikini, trying to look hot. But it was sickening. Seriously, Jake actually puked. I screamed and jumped up laughing, running away from the puke. Jess, Mouse, Ducky, and Jake all laughed and called out to me.
I laughed as I ran into the water, in my black two piece. I was still laughing as a wave crashed over me, and knocked me off my feet. I screamed, panicking, as I realized it had carried me out to where I couldn’t reach. “Jake! Ducky! Mouse! Jess! Someone! Help!”I was screaming. Water was washing into my lungs and I was choking. I was about to pass out when someone pulled me onto a surf board.
It took me a minute to take a look at my saver. I was trying to get the water out of my lungs. Finally, when it was out, I looked up. That’s when I first laid my eyes on him. He looked like a God, leaning above me, the sun shining behind his head. He was just way too gorgeous. “Thanks…”I said breathlessly. I wasn’t just breathless because of him. The waves had literally knocked the breath out of me.
He smiled and paddled us to shore. When I was on the shore, I laid down in the sand. I tried to catch my breath. When I did, I sat up and took an even better look at him. He looked to be about six feet tall. He had dark brown hair, with green streaks in it. It was the same length as Jake’s. He had muscular arms, and a six pack I could drool over.
He had chocolate brown eyes, and eyebrows that were perfect. Not too plucked but not too bushy. I was just about to ask him his name when Jake ran over, out of breath. “Peach, are you okay? he asked. Peach was a nickname he had given me, because he said my skin was a soft as a peach. “I’m fine. that guy saved me”I said. “What guy?”Jake asked. I looked around. I didn’t see him.
Then I looked at the water. He was out on a wave, riding as if it were as easy as walking. “Nevermind. Jake, could you take me home? I’ve had enough life or death situations this week. I cant handle another…”I said softly. He picked me up, and carried me back to his convertible. He was the only one of us with the actual license. We all had permits though.
When Jake told my parents about what had happened, they freaked out. They said I shouldn’t have gone into the water without Jake or Ducky. Of coarse, they called them by name. Jacob and James. They both flinched at the sound of their real names. My brother said that if I had died, he would have choked both of them. I went of on how many times I had almost died that week. That got me grounded.
Luckily, my parents don’t know about my secret walkie talkie Jake had given me to hide under my mattress for when I was grounded. When I got to my room, I locked the door, and pulled it out. “Peach to Jake. Pickup “I said in a very secret-like voice. “Hey Peach. So sorry you got grounded. Now you have to miss the party tommorrow”he said.
“Pfft. Jake. I’m grounded. Not on lock down. Besides. That’s what a window is for “I replied. He laughed. I just know he did. “Peach, I’ll pick you up at nine okay? Now go open your window! I wanna talk face to face!”he said. I laughed and went to my window. I opened the curtains. He was standing there. I opened the window and laughed. I poked his six pack which was still showing.
He laughed, pulling on his slipknot T-shirt. That was the good thing about sleeping on the first floor of a house. I was the only one downstairs at night. I heard foot steps coming towards my door. “Whoops! Come back tonight okay? Bye Jakey!”I said quietly, closing the window. I watched him dart down the road. He’s a fast runner. I let Eddie the Teddy Bear come in my room.
“What Teddy Bear?”I asked. “Those guys you hang out with. I don’t like them. Have they ever touched you in any way?”he asked. I looked appalled and threw my pillow at him. “Eddie! Jake is GAY! He wouldn’t. And Ducky goes out with Mouse “I said. “Ducky? Mouse?”Eddie asked. “James goes out with April!”I said glaring at him. “Well, still. Maybe you should find some new friends. Female friends “he said.
“You mean like the girls you date? Like Lisa Mariee?”I asked appalled. “Well, yes. You tend to hang out with the really dorky types. And the creepy types. And homosexuals “he said. This made me mad. Me and Eddie the Teddy Bear had always got along, and been close. Until he insulted Jake. I stood up, enraged. “Get OUT! Don’t you EVER insult Jake like that again! I don’t even know you anymore! Ever since HER “I snapped.
I hated Lisa Mariee. He backed out of my room. “Don’t insult Lisa!”he said. “Then. Don’t. Insult. Jake!”I screamed. I slammed the door in his face, and locked it. I picked up the teddy bear he had gotten me for my last birthday, like he does every year, and tore it’s head off. I picked up my walkie talkie, and alerted Jake. “Crisis Jake! Come back! Now!”I said in a sort of babyish voice.
I snuck out, and spent the night at Jake’s house. His mother was happy to call my parents and let them know I was okay, but I said no thanks. Then I told Jake what had happened. “All because he called me a homosexual? Peach, I’m not that special “he said. “Yes, you are! You are always there for me, no matter what!”I whined. He laughed, and hugged me. “You’re the special one”he said poking my nose.
That night, he let me sleep in his bed, and offered to sleep on the floor. Okay, he MADE me sleep in his bed while he slept on the floor. He said I deserved luxury. Which I didn’t? I had been so rotten to my brother. But he said I was only being caring towards my best friend. I told him, no. I was being rude. He said I just loved him enough to back him up.
That’s when my cell phone rang. It was Eddie. I had Jake answer it. I could hear my brother’s panicking voice. “Where’s my sister?!”he asked. “She’s right here. She’s safe. She’s asleep. Can she call you in the morning?”jake said. “Okay…but don’t touch her”Eddie said. “Eww…”jake said, and hung up. I laughed out loud. Loud enough to wake his baby sister. Oops. That got me a scolding by his mother.

The next morning, Jake help me crawl back into my Window, and gave me a hug for good luck, before running home. I unlocked my door, and went into the kitchen. Eddie was at the dining room table with Lisa Mariee, waiting by the phone anxiously. He jumped up and came to hug me. I pushed him away. “Don’t touch me. I’m sure you’ve been hugging her all morning.
I don’t want to smell like her “I snapped angrily. He stared at me, and Lisa looked confused. I went over to the fridge, and made me an egg and cheese omelet. Eddie almost freaked when I “accidentally” knocked my orange juice over, making it splash in Lisa’s lap. I just shrugged and walked back to my room, leaving the Omelet untouched. I went to the beach later that day. I never regard grounding.
I saw him again. Oh, man. He looked so gorgeous on his surf board. His dark hair, blowing in the wind, dripping wet. When he looked my way, I jumped up and down waving. He did some flip trick, and rode the wave to the shore. He then ran over to me, smiling. He set his surfboard in the sand. “H-Hi”I said smiling. “I never did get your name yesterday”e said. “Oh….I’m Jenna. But my friends call me Peach “I said.
“Ahh…Peach….why?”he asked. “They say my skin is as soft as a peach”I replied. I heard Jake call my name, and saw him running my way. “That you’re boyfriend?”he asked. “Who? Jake? God no! He’s Flaming gay!”I said laughing. “Oh”he said nodding. I hugged Jake when he came over to us. “Who’s your friend?”he asked. “Oh this is….well, what is your name?”I asked my saver.
He smiled. “Just call me ‘MI Amor’ “he said. I shrugged. Jake began laughing his ass off. “Uhm..Peach. Ask him his REAL name. Don’t call him that “he said grinning. I shrugged and looked at him questioningly. “My name is Nicholas. But you may call me what you want “he said. “I shall call you Zeus replied smiling. “Zeus? As in the God of thunder? Why?”Jake asked questioningly. “Hush Jake. I’ll tell you later “I said.
Suddenly Jake’s grip on my arm tightened. “Uhm….peach….can we go? Now?”he asked, panicking. I looked up and saw the guy who had tried to seduce me. That was back about a month ago. I had been at a party with a bunch of Seniors. I had gotten sort of hammered, and almost got raped. But Jake came in right on cue, and pulled him off of me. They had gotten into a fight, and Jake got his butt kicked.
I let out a whimper and actually fell onto my butt. Jake and Zeus got on their knees next to me. “Jenn….I’m serious…lets go…”he said. “Wait. Don’t go. What’s wrong?”Zues asked. The guy stopped right infront of us. I had forgotten his name. What was it? It started with a ‘T.’ “Yo! Nick, wassup?”he said. “Oh, hey Tyler”Zues said, standing up. “This is my friend, Peach”he said, pointing to me.
I hid my face in Jake’s chest, not wanting Tyler to remember me. I took a peek, and he was staring at me with wide eyes. “You’re friend?”he repeated. Zeus nodded. “Oh man….hey…..Peach, was it? Look, about what happened a month ago….I’m sorry “he said. I stood up, crossing my arms over my chest. I nodded, looking at the sand. Jake had a deadly look in his eyes.
“Come on Peach…let’s go…”he said ignoring Tyler. He wrapped his arm around my shoulders protectively. I nodded, and we turned away, heading towards the trail to the parking lot. Zeus ran after us. “Hey. Don’t go…”he said. “No…she really should get home anyway…sorry Zues”Jake said. “Well, atleast let me give you my number. Or come back tommorrow?”he said.
I pulled out my cell phone from my bag that Jake had bought for me. I typed in ‘Zeus’ and handed him the phone. He put his number in, and bent down to a bag by his foot. He pulled out a cell phone and handed it to me. I put Peach in, and put my number in. He smiled, and Jake made me leave. When we were in his car, he sighed. He drove me home, promising to come back tonight to pick me up.
That night, at the party, I was dancing around. It was of coarse, a beach party. I wore my black bikini, but over it, I wore my black tank top, and a pair of denim daisy duke shorts. Jake danced with me for a while, until I got tired. Then we sat by the large bonfire and drank beer. Yes, I drink beer. It’s absolutely disgusting, but I like it. I suggest never trying it. It’s tastes like shit. Literally.
Jake had his arm around my shoulder protectively, so some guy didn’t try to come onto me. He was just like my brother in some ways. He would kill anyone who laid a hand on me while I was messed up, or when I didn’t want it. I laughed as some random person told a stupid, but funny, joke. That’s when I saw him. Or atleast, I thought it was him. He was out on his surfboard again.
I told Jake I would be right back, and grabbed another beer. I walked to the edge of the shore with my feet in the water, and waited for him to come my way. I grinned stupidly at him. He laughed and took the beer as I handed it to him. He set his surfboard in the sand, and we sat down at the edge, getting out butts wet. Well, his was already wet. Mine was getting wet.
We joked about some stupid things, and told each other embarrassing stories about ourselves. Maybe it was just the beer, but I could have sworn he scooted closer to me. I finally spilled my secret about what Tyler had done. Zeus didn’t look to happy about this. “Tyler? Tyler Drone? He almost raped you?”he asked. I nodded, then changed the subject.
I went back and got four more beers, and went back next to him. Jake was watching from the bonfire. After our second one each, I asked him what his favorite thing was - other than surfing. He smiled slyly, but still sort of drunkenly. I smiled back, closing my eyes. He leaned close to me, his lips by my ear. “You”he whispered. I smiled faintly. He asked me the same. “You”I replied. That’s when Tyler showed up.
“Hey you two! What’s up?”he asked. Zeus scooted away from me. Damnit Tyler! I thought angrily. I had been seconds from kissing Zeus, and Tyler showed up. “Nothing…”zues mumbled slightly drunkenly. “Jeez man, this chic get you drunk?”Typer asked. “No. Now fuck off. We were kind of talking”Zues replied. I stood up. “No. It’s okay. I gotta get back to Jake….”I said, and hurried back up to Jake.

The next day at school, I couldn’t resist spilling the secret I had kept all night. “Oh. My. God! Jess, Mouse, I totally almost kissed him! Isn’t that SO awesome? He’s so great!”I said happily. They screeched happily with me. “So we skipping PE? Jake asked as he walked up. “Beach?”I replied. “Um…I was thinking movies…” he said reluctantly. He obviously didn’t want to run into Zeus and watch me leave with him.
“Movies? I’d rather go to P.E.”I replied. “Fine. Then we will “he said, picking me up, throwing me over his shoulder, and carrying me to the gym. When he put me down, I almost screamed. “Oh. My. God! Jess! Mouse! It’s him!”I said happily. “Oooh! Where?!”they said looking around.
I pointed to the person standing next to the coach. “You’ve got to be kidding! That’s Nicholas Drone! He’s a pro surfer and practically lives on the beach! He is the sexiest guy in California, and can have ANY girl he wants! Are you sure that’s him?”Mouse said. I nodded. “Watch. Hey Zeus! Over here!”I called. He looked up, and smiled. He ran over and skidded to a halt next to me. My eyes twinkled.
“Zeus. These are my friends, Jess the Mess, Mouse, and Ducky. You’ve already met Jake “I said. He nodded, nudging me playfully. I giggled, and blushed. He turned to face me. “You left so quickly last night. I didn’t get to say goodnight. And sorry for the interruption. Tyler’s an idiot at times “he said. “I don’t mind. Anyway, I didn’t know you went here “I said. “Oh yea. I’m a Senior “he said.
My mouth fell open. “What?”he asked. “You’re a senior? Oh my gosh! I didn’t know! I’m sorry “I said blushing. “Why?”he asked confused. “I’m a Sophomore. Surely you don’t want be seen talking to me “I said. “Why wouldn’t I? You’re a great person “he said, giving me his smile he gave me the day he rescued me. I wanted to melt right there. I think he noticed it, because he smirked.
So you have first period Physical education?”he asked. “Yea. I hate it. My muscles are never up for it”I replied. He laughed. “Well, we’re doing free range basketball. You don’t have to work to hard with that “he said. I was horrible at basketball, and hated it, but I smiled. I couldn’t help it. All through the period, I kept missing. Finally, at the end of the period, I made a shot. But that was because Jake helped.
I spent all day, thinking about Zeus. After school I went to the mall, and hid out in the book store. I looked for books on love and how to tell signs of it. I bought four different books, and went to the beach with them. I watched Zeus as he surfed. And I also read my books. I saw another girl waving at him, and he walked up to her. She threw her arms around his neck and kissed him on the lips.
He laughed and kissed her back. I envied her. Then I got a better look at her. She was one of the perfects at my school. I gasped and began ripping pages out of my book I had bought. I let out a strangled cry, as tears rolled down my face. I threw the book aside and looked at him. He was staring at me with wide eyes. The girl was clutching his hand.
I stood up, grabbed my backpack, and threw the other three books in the trash, as I was walking away, and ran all the way home. I glared at my cell phone, seeing I had four messages. All four were from Zeus. I called my voicemail, and listened to them. I was so mad at him, I first thought about deleting them, but didn’t because I knew I couldn’t do that to him.

"Peach. Hey, it’s Zu-Nick. Pick up. Ugh. Come on Peach. I’m sorry I didn’t come out and say I had a girlfriend. Call me back. Bye"

"Peach, it’s Nick again. Come on. Just answer your phone……ugh…please….well, call me back"

"Peach, stop being so childish. Shit. You should feel lucky I’m even talking to you! You’re a SOPHOMORE for Christ’s sake!"

"Oh my gosh, Peach. I’m so sorry about that last message. Please just call me back. I didn’t think you were falling for me that hard. Her name is Cindy. She’s a junior. Please Peach….dont hate me. Call me back"

I couldn’t call him back. I just couldn’t. I spent an hour sitting on my bed crying. Then it hit me. Cindy Morrow! I wanted o die. I cried even harder. Zeus was dating James’ SISTER! I felt so rejected. And I had always gotten along with her so well. She was nice when not in school. In school, she ignored me, but when I was dating Ducky, me and her had became secret friends.

The next day in school, I felt like a wreck. My eyes were red from crying, my nose was running, and I was wearing my loosest outfit. A pair of black sweatpants and a large black T-shirt that belonged to my dad. I went to PE but sat aside, not changing out. I saw Zeus, and he only brought more tears. I spent the entire period crying. He didn’t come over once.
When I was crying to Ducky about it, he almost cried with me. Yea, he was sensitive like that. I ran into Cindy, and glared at her. “I HATE YOU!”I spat at her, and stormed past her. She just watched me walk away. I skipped the rest of school, and hid out at the beach. When Zeus showed up, he looked upset. Cindy was following him, crying.
“But Nick! Please don’t do this!”she cried, dropping to her knees infront of him. “No, Cindy! It’s over. I cant do this to her “he said. He realized what he said, and covered his mouth. “Oh! So it’s about a SOPHOMORE! MY BROTHER’S BEST FRIEND, EH? FINE! THEN DON’T EVER SPEAK TO ME AGAIN “she screamed, jumping up. She saw me and stormed over. She slapped me, causing me to fall back, and stormed away.
I laid there, my eyes closed, asking myself why I had ever thought he would love a sophomore. Tears rolled down my cheeks, as I opened my eyes. Zeus was leaning above me, just like he had when he first saved my life. I rolled over and got up, heading towards the parking lot. He called after me, but I just kept on walking. When I got tired of walking, I stuck my thumb out, hoping for a ride.
Zeus pulled up next to me, in a black Lincoln. “Get in…we have to talk”he said. “I’d rather cut my legs off and trade them in for wheels”I lied. “Just get in!”he practically shouted. I tentatively got in, and he started driving. “I broke up with her”he said. “I know. She slapped me, remember?”I pointed out. “No. You don’t get it. I broke up with her, for you “he said. I looked straight ahead. “Turn here”I said, and he did.
“I broke up with her, because I saw how you felt about her this morning. And I think these belong to you “he said, pulling my books from his back seat. I took them and put them in my bag. “Zu-Nicholas. I don’t know if I can handle a senior. You guys aren’t exactly controlled when drunk….”I said. “That’s just Tyler. He’s a sex freak. Me? I’m still a virgin “he said. I smiled. He was into the whole moral fiber thing.
“I’m just glad you don’t consider me some stupid Sophomore with a crush on you, who is only worth a good lay…”I said. He nodded, and turned into my driveway. He turned off the car. “Here we are…..”he said quietly. I went to get out but he grabbed my arm. Eddie opened the door and watched as he kissed me. I wrapped my arms around his neck, kissing back. Yes, he was one of the greats.
He had perfectly soft lips, and a really awesome tongue. He wrapped his arms around my waist, pulling me against him. One of his hands ran along my spine, under my T-shirt, and the other held me against him. The kiss felt magical. Until Eddie called my name. I jumped away from Zeus, and blushed. I got out of the car and shut the door. He called me over to the driver’s side, and smiled at me.
“Meet me in the coach’s office in the Gym tomorrow. I think I can get us excused “he said. I smiled and kissed him. He ran his fingers through my black hair, smiling. “You’re so lucky I’m not into getting laid by everything that has two legs and boobs or I would have taken you LONG ago. You’re so beautful…”he said smiling. I smiled back and walked into my house, past my brother.
“Was that Nicholas Drone?!”he asked angrily. “Yes,”I replied. “He’s a Senior Jenna! You’re NOT supposed to date seniors! I’ve already told you that!”he yelled. I shut my door and locked it. Nick alerted me on the walkie talkie. “Were you with Zues?”he asked. “Yup. How did you know?”I asked. “Let me in your damn window so we can talk more”he said. I laughed and we spent two hours talking.

The next day, I skipped first period without thinking. I spent that time in the library, researching my favorite topic. Voodoo. When Zeus came into the library, he looked frustrated. “You didn’t come to class…”he said. “Oh. I’m sorry. I’ve been meaning to research something “I said, printing my research. I put it in my backpack and walked out of the library. He followed me out.
He followed me all the way to the deserted part of the school, otherwise known as the old science building. I always hid my voodoo stuff there. Right when I was about to pull out my voodoo research, he pushed me up against the counter. “I missed you”I said quietly. He smiled, wrapping his arms around me, his hands rested under the hem of my tank top. I wrapped my arms around his neck.
He kissed me passionately, and I wrapped my legs around his waist, sitting up on the counter. We stayed like that, making out for a good ten minutes, until someone barged in on us. “Duckie!”I said, blushing. He laughed, as he saw me and Zeus locked together. “Me and Mouse decided to break up”he said, sitting on the counter next to me. I nodded, and closed my eyes, as Zeus kissed my neck.
“Yea. She says she’s been watching me, and I’m paying attention to you more and more. She says I wont stop talking about you. According to her, I’m in love with you “he said looking me in the eye. Zeus and I both froze. I didn’t know what to say. Zeus pulled back, and kissed me softly. “I’ll see you later Peaches and cream.”he said, and walked out. I realized something.
“He hasn’t even asked me out yet, and we’re making out”I said. Ducky laughed and put an arm around me. “You crack me up, Peach”he said. I laughed and rested my head on his shoulder. “You know Jenna…”he said. I froze. He was serious about something. He only used my name when it was really serious.
“Jenna….you’re so beautiful….you shine even when your upset. You shine as though….as though you were a star in the heavens above…”he whispered in my ear. I smiled. I knew I was in love with Zeus, but heck. He hadn’t asked me out yet. I was free to date. “Jenna…would you allow me to take you out this friday?”Duckie asked. I had to say yes. I mean, it’s not like guys were asking me out left and right.
He grinned. “You made a great choice Peach! So are we still going to the beach after school?”he asked. “Of coarse! We ALWAYS go to the beach after school! It’s a tradition! Anyway, my parents hate it. They hate me being at the beach with two guys who are stronger than me, with only two weak girls to help me out “I said laughing. He smiled.
After school, Jake drove us all to the beach. Mouse sat in the front, and me, Jess, and Ducky sat in the back. I was squashed in the middle, my lips locked on Ducky’s. Jake laughed as he looked into the rear view mirror at us. “Woah, Peach. I thought you were in love with Zues”he said. I shrugged and looked at Jake. “He hasn’t asked me out yet. Ducky did, so we’re going out this friday.”I said.
“Oooh, someone’s so official!”mouse joked laughing. She had no problem with me and Ducky. Infact, she dared me to kiss him. We had only stopped kissing long enough to answer questions and take breaths. When we were at the beach, I realized I had forgotten my towel this morning. Ducky offered to share his, so I shared his towel.
We rolled around in the sand together laughing about how pissed off my mother would be, that I was going to get into the water, wearing her pants. They were blue jeans, but very tight. They had black butterflies on them. I ended up taking them off though. I decided I would just wear my bra and underwear. They were, of coarse, both black. Ducky’s eye bulged out of his head, as he saw I was wearing a thong.
His mouth fell open, and he sat there staring at me. I blushed and ran out to the water. He followed me. When he caught me, we both fell into the sand, and he looked me in the eye. He was in his pants and boxers. He couldn’t resist himself apparently. He ran his fingers over my stomach, tracing a circle around my belly button which was pierced. “You’re so beautiful…”he whispered. It was romantic.
Until a wave crashed over us, soaking us both head to toe. I sat up, spitting out water, choking on it. When I got it all out, I stood up and stormed back up to where the towel was sitting. I told Jake I would be right back, and went over to a bunch of bushes. I keeled over, and puked. I guessed I had swallowed to much salt water. When I got back to the towel, Ducky was sitting there.
He opened his legs, offering me a spot to sit. I sat down between his legs, my back against his. He had his arms around me, his chin rested on my head. That’s when I saw Zeus. He was surfing again. His hair was blowing in the wind, and it took my breath away. I watched him, biting my bottom lip as he almost fell off his board. When he saw me, I expected a smile, but his mouth fell open, and he fell off.
I screamed and jumped up. I watched and waited for him to come up, but he didn’t. I screamed again, this time for help. I ran out to water, and began swimming to where I had last saw him. I swam straight to the spot, and looked around. Where was he? I swam down to the bottom and found him. H was struggling to get his foot loose from between two reef rocks.
I panicked, and looked at him. He glared at me, motioning me for go away. I shook my head and went back up for air. I came back down and struggled to get his foot loose. Once he was free, he swam away. I thought for a moment as I floated to the top. How was it, that when I was drowning, I couldn’t seem to swim, but wen Zues was in trouble, I could swim like a fish.
That’s when I felt it. A jellyfish swam right by me and stung me. I screamed, and started callingthe first names that came to mind. Jake! James! Nick! Please! I cant swim!”I cried out. Zeus ignored me, but then I felt the jellyfish sting me again. Was this a bad day, or what? “OW! Owowowowow! Nick please! help!”I cried. He was halfway to shore, and Ducky and Jake were coming towards me, when he turned around.
He saw the panic and pain on my face and swam straight back to me. He was careful to get me away from the jellyfish, and towed me back to shore. When he got me to the shore, Jake and ducky were by his side. They looked at my ankle, where the jellyfish had stung me and all cursed at the same time. It was swelling, and looked absolutely disgusting.
“I’ll get my car! She needs to get to the hospital, now!”he said. “No! She needs to keep straight. Help me get her onto my board, and we’ll take her to my truck. Then we’ll take her to the hospital”Zues said. I was crying and whimpered as they got me onto his longboard. They rushed me to the hospital. They carried me on the surfboard into the hospital, and the nurses put me onto a stretcher.
Jake, Ducky, and Zeus all stayed by my side, but the nurse said only one could come in with me. I chose Jake. Zeus and Ducky waited in the waiting room with mouse and jess, who were both crying for my safety. “Jake…it hurts so bad”I whimpered. “Oh girl, I know t does. Don’t worry, the doctor is coming right now. Just squeeze my hand…”he said in a fatherly manner. I did.
I had to stay overnight, and my brother and parents rushed to the hospital. I told Eddie to go away, but Jake shook his head and told me that I needed to talk to him. My parents left me and Eddie alone, and waited outside in the waiting room. My brother had a soft face on, and he stroked the bandage on my ankle. “Oh Jenna…I’m so sorry….I never meant to make you mad..”he whispered. I sat up a little more.
That’s when the water works started. “It’s all because of HER! Eddie, ever since you met her, it’s been all about her! You insulted my best friend in the entire world! Jake cares about me! He’s the one who made sure I was rushed here “I said. “I understand now. He means a lot to you….”eddie said quietly.
There was a knock at the door. “Come in…”I said. Zeus and Ducky walked in. Ducky looked furious, and Zeus looked genuinely worried. Ducky’s face softened, and he rushed to my side. “Oh Peach….are you okay?”he said softly. Eddie looked at him fiercely, but I shook my head. “I’m fine…Do you mind if I have a word with these two?”I asked Eddie. He looked at Zeus, his body slightly tense.
“ETB, please?”I said, whimpering his nickname. He smiled at me. “Okay…but if anything goes wrong, just call me, and I’ll beat them both into a pulp”he said. I nodded, and he left me alone with Ducky and Zeus. I sat up some more, awkwardly. Zeus rushed to help me fix my pillows. He said I didn’t need to be moving too much.
Ducky looked sheepish as I asked him to bring me a cup of water from the water machine down the hall. He said he’d be right back. “Ducky asked me out. We have a date if I get out before Friday. I should have said no, but then I though ‘Hey, Zeus hasn’t officially asked me out yet‘“I said to Zeus. “Will you tell me why you keep calling me that?”he asked exasperatedly. I smiled.
“Because the first time I laid my eyes on you, I thought you were a God from heaven sent to save me. You’re eyes….your face…your lips…they were all so perfect. You looked like a god….literally”I said quietly. He smiled, and leaned down to kiss me, but Ducky came back with my water. “Ducky…I don’t know if I can make it Friday…”I said as I took a sip of my water. He stared at Zeus.
“No, no no no! Not because of him! Because I don’t know if I’ll be out by then “I said. He frowned. “Then you try to heal quickly, okay?”he said, kissing me on the forehead. He left the room without another word, and Zeus followed behind him, not wanting to give anyone any ideas. Especially not my brother. Jake was the first person back in my room, followed by mouse and Jess.
“Oh my God! Peach! The SECOND you get out of this place, we’re going to throw you a party!”Jess said. I smiled and yawned. Jake smiled at me. “Someone’s tired…”mouse whispered, smiling brightly. Her eyes were still red from crying from worrying about me. Jake looked at me. “How about we leave so you can get some sleep?”he asked. I told him I wanted him to stay. He did.

It was almost a week before they actually let me leave the hospital. Jake got to drive me home. Well, I thought he was driving me home. Instead, he drove me to the park. I was confused. He smiled and covered my eyes, guiding me to wherever. When he let me open my eyes, everyone screamed surprise. I laughed hysterically. I loved having such wonderful friends.
I looked around for Zeus, but didn’t see him. I frowned. I spent the entire party worrying about him. Finally, Jake said something about it. “He didn’t come…”he whispered. “I can tell…”I said sadly. “Come on. I’ll drive you to the beach. You can see if he’s there…”he said. I smiled. It was starting to get dark, but I didn’t care. I snuck away with Jake, and he drove me to the beach.
I slowly walked down the path, and looked down the beach. I saw a small fire. With three people around it. They were all dancing around drunkenly. I saw Tyler, and wondered why I didn’t see Zeus. I hurried over and stumbled over to Tyler. He looked serious. “Where is he?”I asked. I looked around the fire. I saw Cindy Morrow, and some other girl, from the cheerleading team.
Tyler pointed to a lonely figure sitting a ways down the beach, drinking a beer. I looked slightly worried. Cindy glared at me, and stepped in my way as I started towards Zeus. “Nick didn’t come to your party, because he didn’t want to see you”she snarled. I glared and slapped her across the face. She looked shocked, and I pushed her aside. I slowly walked down the beach, the hem of my dress getting sandy.
I was wearing a black cotton dress that Jake had bought, for my return. It had a black lace sash around the waist, and was strapless. My heels were starting to annoy me, so I took them off. I threw them aside and continued walking. Jake, Tyler, Cindy, and the other girl watched me as I sulked over to him. I dropped to my knees next to him, resting my hand on his arm. “Go away Jenna…..”he said.
“No…”I said stubbornly. He pulled his arm away from my grasp. “Just go back to your party. I’m sure James is wondering where you are right now…”he said. I stared at him. “Is that what your worried about? That I’m inlove with Ducky? Then I bet you think I slept with him to, huh?”I said apalled. He looked at me, and I noticed he was utterly and completely drunk. His eyes looked sad and hurt.
“Oh Zeus…no. I haven’t. And I don’t love him “I said quietly. I took his face between my hands, making him look me in the eyes. “Say it…”he whispered. “Say what?”I asked confused. “Say my name….say it…”he whispered again. “Oh Nicholas…I don’t love Duckie….I love you!”I said desprately.”The way you say it…you make it sound like a sin….”he said sadly.
“Oh Nick…that’s because it is sin. I love you so much, that I am here without anyone but Jake knowing. It’s such a sin. It’s a sin that I want to make love to you. It’s a sin just being inlove….but I’m willing to sin against anything if it means being with you…”I said softly, tears rolling down my cheeks. He closed his eyes and kissed me. For the first time, he kissed me, softly and slowly.
There was nothing but pure love in his lips. He wrapped his arms around me, holding me tightly, but softly at the same time. “Is it such a sin to make love to me, that you never will?”he asked me. “Oh Nicholas, if I wasn’t being watched, I would make love to you a thousand times over. I love you more than anything in the world…”I whispered. Tyler and Cindy ruined it by coming over.

I spent the next couple of days hiding out in my room. I wasn’t talking to anyone but Jake. I wouldn’t go to school, so he brought me my homework. My mother assumed it was just leftover pain from the sting. It wasn’t. I couldn’t face Nick again. Not after what had happened last Wednesday, on the beach. Cindy had practically jumped ontop of me, and tried to pound me into a pulp, while Tyler held Nick back.
If Jake hadn’t been there, Cindy would have put me back in the hospital. Finally, I decided to go back to school. I walked to school though, instead of having Jake take me. I wore a large black T-shirt, with black cargo capris. On my feet I was wearing Etnies. I had my hair down, and it was straight today. I had straightened it. When I finally got to first period, I was ten minutes late.
Nick watched me as I walked the two laps we were supposed to jog. He watched me as I flinched as Cindy pretended to grab me. I screamed as she whispered boo at me from behind my back. He watched as she tripped me and I fell. He watched as Jake, Ducky, Mouse, and Jess all hugged me as I cried. He didn’t approach me until the end of class. I knew Cindy was watching us.
Nick touched a piece of my hair, twirling it around his finger lightly. “Peach….I’m so sorry about what happened….I should have stopped her…”he whispered, placing his hands on both of my cheeks. “Say it….Say my name nick….call me by my name…”I whispered. He placed his lips by my ear. “Oh Jenna…I love you so very much…”he said quietly. I collapsed into tears again. Right against him.
I went to the office and called my mother. I told her I was going to have Nick bring me home early. She said she understood. I probably still couldn’t handle being out of school so long. I let her think that. I didn’t tell her about last Wednesday. Nick drove me too the smoothie palace first. He bought us both a smoothie. I looked at my school planner, and looked at the date.
“Oh Nick….”I said breathlessly. He looked at me. “Exactly one month ago…it was one month ago you first saved my life….”I said quietly. He placed his hand on mine. “My prom is coming up…”he said. I nodded. “I was hoping you would be my date…”he said. I smiled. “Oh Nick..I’d love to…”I said quietly. “Great. It’s about two weeks from Friday. Please, don’t wear black “he said smiling. “I’ll wear white”I said.

The two weeks seemed to pass like crazy. I ended up buying a white silk evening gown that fit my figure perfectly. The day of the prom, I skipped school to get everything ready. I went out with Jake to get a manicure and pedicure. Yes, he likes getting his nails and toenails done. But he doesn’t paint them. I got my nails painted black, and had them airbrush white snowflakes onto them.
Jake said they looked great. He took me to a hair salon, and got my black hair re-dyed black, with a blue tint. He then got the hairstylist to put it up in an elegant Goth fashion. It looked amazing. Then we went to Claire’s. I wanted to puke, but Jake said I should do it for Nick. I decided to go along with it. We bought a fake necklace, and dangler earrings. I made him let me buy jelly bracelets. Black ones.
Afterwards, it was close to time to get ready, so we went into a make-up store, bought some make-up, and hurried back to my house. He helped me do my make-up, and let me do my own lips. I only wore a bit of lipgloss, because I knew afterwards there would be a lot of kissing, if not during the dancing. I was just slipping into my dress when my doorbell rang. My mother answered it.
Finally, after that Jake zip up my dress, he hurried downstairs. “Presenting….Jenna”he said, and I walked down the stairs. Nick watched me with wide eyes. “Oh my….you’re so beautiful…”my mother gasped. I wouldn’t let her take pictures, and Jake kissed me on the forehead. “Go girl. Go and show Cindy up “he said smiling. And that’s exactly what I did. I showed her up.
When a slow dance came on, I got scared. “Maybe we should sit this out…”I said nervously. “Don’t worry…Just stand on my feet ad you wont mess up”he said smiling. I smiled, and did just what he said. We had a blast. The dancing to the rock music was my favorite part. I finally saw Cindy. She was dancing with Tyler. I looked at Nick and he nodded. I smiled and we walked over.
I was so happy with Tyler’s reaction to how I looked. His Jaw fell open. “She’s seriously a Sophmore?”he asked Cindy. “Yes, She hangs around my dork of a brother and that fag”she said. That pissed me off. Nick looked at me, and shook his head. I ignored it, and stepped up in her face. “If you EVER call Jake a fag again, I will PERSONALLY break each and every one of your fingers!”I snarled.
She looked at me as though I was an idiot. “I’m supposed to be scared of a sophmore?”she snapped. I growled, and ripped her fake tiara out of her hair. She glared at me, and ripped my ribbon out of my hair, that Jake had bought for me. It was expensive. The best silk around. My hair fell out of it’s elegant fashion then, and I took out my earrings. I also took off my heels. “Bitch”I growled, ripping part of her dress.
Okay, I’m not going to lie and say I wasn’t embarrassed with what she did to me next, because I was. Majorly. She ripped the zipper that held my dress up, causing it to fall. I would have normally ran away crying after that, but I was infront of the entire Senior class. So I did the same to her. After that it was all a blur of hair, nails, and fists. I was NOT going to let her win.
After about half an hour of fighting, Nick pulled me off of her. I stood there, my face red with anger and a scratch on the side of my face, breathing heavily. “If you EVER call Jake a fag again, I swear I will murder you!”I snarled. She actually looked scared. Nick put me back into my dress and held it up for me as he walked me to the limo. When we got to the Limo, and were headed to my house, I laughed.
I am not kidding you. I laughed. I laughed and laughed, because I know I’d scared Cindy shitless. She wouldn’t be messing with me or my friends any time soon. And that was best for her, because I was lethal, and very deadly. I finally stopped laughing a block away from my house, and asked him if he wanted to stay for a while. He gladly accepted. We had to climb into my window as not to wake anyone.
When he came through my window, he made a semi-loud noise, and got me laughing. “Shhh! You’ll wake my parents!”I whispered, grinning. He laughed and crawled to my side, where I was sitting surrounded by the pile of lace that was my dress. He wrapped his arms around me, holding me tight. He knew he could have me anytime he wanted, but wanted to take it slow.
“I am so glad that you came to me that night when you could have been dancing up a storm with your friend. What was it? Quackie?”he asked softly. I giggled. “It’s Ducky, and compared to you, he means about as much as one grain of sand. I love you Nicholas Drone”I said softly. He grinned and began kissing me. The kiss was slow and soft, asking me for his permission to touch me.
I gave him permission, but letting him slide the top of my dress down, stroking my sides and hips. He picked me up, leaving my dress on the floor, before carrying me over to my bed, laying me on it. He took of his tuxedo jacket, and shirt. I closed my eyes as he kissed my neck and shoulders. “I love you so much Nick…”I whimpered, as his hand caressed my hip. That night, we sinned the ultimate. We made love.

The next morning, I woke up to Nick scrambling out of my bed, getting dressed. I sat up, covering my chest. My brother was at the door, yelling at him. Nick kissed me softly, before racing out the door. “You are NEVER to see him again!”Eddie yelled. I threw my favorite stuffed bear at him, and glared. He left, and I put on my bikini, knowing I would see him at the beach today. Eddie didn’t know that.
I packed a lunch for three, with my brother’s beer. I also packed some candy, because I knew my brother would know if my breath came home smelling like beer. I walked with the basket down to Jake’s and woke him up. He said he’d happily take me to the beach. He drove me to the beach, and helped me lug the lunch into the sand. I noticed that they had put up a lifeguard stand.
I watched for nick for about an hour, until I finally saw him. I ran to the edge of the water and jumped up and down waving. He came over, and threw his board down. He picked me up in his arms and spun me around. “Last night was amazing Nick”I said smiling. “Jenna, you made it amazing, by letting me”he said grinning. His brown hair was hanging in his face. I kissed him.
I raced him up to my towel, and he won. Of coarse. I sat in his lap, and we both drank a beer. We were making out, when I heard a growl. I looked up, and scrambled off Nick’s lap. He stood up and looked out at the water. My brother was standing there, hatred on his face. I gripped Nick’s hand, and Jake’s hand. I didn’t want to get the crap beaten out of me. Nick wrapped an arm around me protectively.
Eddie took a step towards him, and he stood his ground by my side. I stepped in Eddie’s way as he raised his fist. “Don’t touch him. Edward “I said hesitantly. Eddie looked at me. “Jenna, he touched you innappropriately!”Eddie said. “Inappropriately? That’s what you think?!”I yelled. “No! That’s what I KNOW!”he yelled back.
“For your information, I GAVE HIM PERMISSION! HE MADE LOVE TO ME!”I yelled. My brother stumbled backwards. “You….you gave him permission to touch you that way?”he asked, appalled. “Yes. And I wanted him to! I love him!”I snapped. My brother grabbed my arm, pulling me away from Nick and Jake. They both reacted instinctively, and punched him, Nick in the face, and Jake in the chest.
Twenty minutes later, I was sitting in the hospital, as the doctors checked up Jake, Nick, and Eddie. Nick had broken Eddie’s nose, and he turned around and practically busted their heads open. I went into the ward as soon as the doctor let me. I went to Nick’s side first. He was sitting up, sipping a soda. He had a bandage on his head. I pouted and kissed the bandage. I went to Jake next.
He had a bandage on his head too, as well as a bandage up hand. I shook my head smiling, and hugged him. I then went to Eddie and punched him in the arm as hard as I could. “You idiot! You could have hurt them both extremely! And If you ever hurt them again, I will hate you FOREVER!”I growled. “Jenna….be nice. He was only trying to help “Nick said. I went back to Nick’s side.
“But Nicholas, he hurt you. And Jake. It’s just not right….”I whimpered, sitting on the side of his bed. He smiled and put an arm around me. “Awe, Hun, he’s just being a big brother”Nick said. At that moment, Ducky, Mouse, and Jess burst through the door, gasping. They ran to Jake’s side and started fussing over his injuries. Ducky walked over to me.
“You freaked my sister out pretty badly. Good job “he said smiling. Nick huddled me closer in his arms protectively. I giggled and pressed my cheek against his warm chest. “You know Duckie, I think she deserved to die, but I knew you’d be mad if I killed her”I said. He smiled and walked back over to Jake. I yawned, and cuddled up to Nick. The fight had tuckered me out. “Jake….sing?”I begged. He smiled.
He sang softly, and everyone just stayed quiet to listen. I ran my fingers over Nick’s chest, watching his muscles twitch under my touch. His lips were slightly swollen from the fight, and looked absolutely, and utterly irresistible. Jake had just finished his song when my lips caught Nick’s in a passionate lip lock. My brother watched as Nick held me close, kissing me ever so softly.
I felt secure as he held me in his arms, like nothing could hurt us. I was so inlove with him. My body pressed up against him, and to my satisfaction and Jake’s excitement, he whimpered pleasurably. “Okay you two. Not infront of the homosexual”Duckie said. I pouted as I pulled away from him. He acted like he was rubbing his thigh, but I could tell he was trying to hide an obvious hard-on.
Finally, after another hour, they were all let out. Eddie just walked out angrily, not wanting to deal with me until later. Jake happily left us, with Ducky, Jess, and Mouse right behind him. Nick drove me to a small shore side parking lot, and watched the sunset. “I beg of you, NEVER get me excited like that and pull away”he said. I grinned and rested my head on his shoulder.
We sat there, just like that, for many moments, watching the sun sink below the water. I ran my fingers ever so lightly over his chest and torso. “Stop…I wont be able to control my reactions…”he said softly, so I did. I rested my cheek against his chest, my black hair flowing down over his stomach. “That tickles…”he whispered. I smiled and moved my head a little, causing my hair to move. He groaned.
When he took me home, I was happy to see Jake’s car in the driveway. Nick kissed me once more, before letting me out. “I’ll pick you up for a trip to the beach tomorrow okay? I want to show you how I live “he said. I smiled and kissed him one last time, before getting out. He watched me as I walked up to my front door, before driving off. I didn’t know it would be the last time I saw him fully alive.

I woke up the next morning to someone banging on my door. I opened it, looking confused. “There was a wreck down the road….Nick and someone else…”Eddie said. My eyes opened wide, and I didn’t even think to change from my nightgown, before running out of the house, and down the road. I found the wreck and pushed past the police, and found Nick in his car, his eyes closing.
I screamed. “Nick…no no no! This cant happen! Nick! Please! Speak to me!”I cried. “Jenna…?”he said hoarsely. “Oh Nick…”Don’t worry….I’ll get you out”I whispered, opening the car door. I unbuckled his seatbelt, pulling him carefully out of the car. His wound on his head had opened, and was bleeding, staining my nightgown red. I set him on the ground, his head in my lap.
I stroked his face. “Don’t worry Nicholas…hold on baby…please…don’t die”I said quietly. “Jenna….I love you….don’t ever forget that…I love..”but he went limp in my hands. I cried harder. Jake showed up, and people tried to pull his body from me, but I just kept on clutching it. I cried and cried. Eddie tried to come and hug me, but I smacked him across the face. “Don’t touch me! It’s your fault!”I screamed.
My hands were shaking and I was crying, until Ducky showed up, and he and Jake had to pry me away from nick’s body. “NO! NO! NO! Jake! He can’t die! Not yet!”I sobbed. Jake hugged me close, and Ducky patted my back. Everyone in the neighborhood showed up, to watch me cry, covered in Nick’s blood. I couldn’t stop crying, and shaking. I wouldn’t. I turned to Eddie.
“It’s your fault! He’s dead because of you! You busted his head open and the gash reopened, and he died! IT’S ALL YOUR FAULT! I HATE YOU!”I screamed. He just stood there, and watched me. Ducky tried to hug me, but I pushed him away, and took off down the road. I ran all the way to the beach, where I tripped in the sand, and laid there crying. The few people who were out stared at me.

They had the funeral a week later, and I spent the entire time crying over him. I was glad it wasn’t an open casket, because I would be clutching his body, begging him to live again. I sat in the front, with Nick’s parents and Tyler. They asked me to say a few words, so I got up. I went up and clenched the podium. “Nick was an amazing person. A true surfer, and a wonderful lover. He knew me.
He…”but I broke down and fell to my knees crying. I couldn’t take it. Jake had to pick me up and carry me out of the church, because I wouldn’t move. He took me home, and laid me in my bed, were I sat crying. After he left, I crawled over to my window and opened it. I was halfway out the window when my father entered the room.
He tried to catch me before I could get away, but I was down the out the window and racing down the road before he could reach the window. Everyone on my street stepped out of their houses, including Jake, to see who was running down the road. He quickly raced after me. I ran straight to the first place that came to mind. Nick’s burial sight.
They had just finished burying him, and were leaving when I showed up. I dropped to my knee’s infront of his gravestone, and cried. I cried for him, for his parents, and for myself. Nothing would ever be the same for me. After I finished crying, I began talking to him, even though he was dead. I sat with my back against the headstone, my eyes closed.
Jake showed up while I was talking, with Ducky, Jess, and Mouse. “Oh Nick…why did you have to leave me? I need you….you made me so happy…without you, I cant go on. I cant love anyone the way I love you. No one means as much to me as you do…Ever since I first met you, I knew I would be inlove with you. I knew you would make me so utterly happy.
You know, how when a little kid gets their first pet, and they’re so excited, and happy? That’s how I was when I met you. I think it was fate that brought us together. Fate that tore us apart, too. I don’t care what anyone says. I will NEVER love anyone as much as I love you Nick…no one…”I said feebly. Somehow, I felt like he had wrapped his arms around me once again, and in my heart I heard him.
“I will always love you…my sweet Jenna”I felt like he was saying. I also felt like he was telling me to move on, that he would always be in my heart. I looked up at Jake and the others, my face streaked with tears. Ducky was the first to come forward. He stroked my cheek softly. “He really loved you…I know he did…Cindy never would shut up about it…”he whispered. I hugged him.

A month passed, before I would go back to school. Everyone was always coming up and hugging me, saying they were sorry. A few of the guys even came up with flowers, hoping to cheer me up. When I got to my seventh period, on my third day back to school, I found a bouquet of flowers on my desk. I read the card. “Peach, In my heart, I know you will never love me like you loved Nick.
And I’m not trying to replace him. I feel that he’s telling me I should give these to you. With all my heart, Ducky “I read. When I saw him after class, I pulled him into a hug, crying. “No one can ever replace him in my heart, but I know I need to move on….Duckie….James, would you like to come with me tonight, when I go to the movies?”I asked. He smiled.
“All right, and afterwards, I will take you by his grave…”he whispered, holding me close. “Be happy”Nick said in my heart. I knew everything would be all right, and that was why we had so much fun at the movies. Afterwards, he stood aside, and let me speak my thoughts o Nick’s grave. He knew I needed time to speak with my true love, even if he was dead. He respected that.
And that’s why, here I sit today, five years later, with a four year old kid on my lap. He’s a boy, and his name is Nick Jr., after his father. I also am happily married to Ducky, excuse me, James, and we live happy together, on the beach. Jake, April, and Jessica visit us daily, and I go to Nick’s grave every night. Tonight, I’m taking Nick Jr., and telling him the story of how me and his real father fell inlove. James’ thinks it great.

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